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i-doit - OpenSource solution for IT documentation

i-doit is an IT documentation system based on ITIL guidelines. It documents IT systems and their changes, defines emergency plans, displays vital information, and helps to ensure a stable and efficient operation of IT networks.
i-doit allows a rich amount of technical information to be filed for each element from a wall outlet to a mainframe in a structured way. Every employee can access this information easily (and in a selective way) through a web browser.
Due to its modular architecture, it is possible to deploy functionality add-ons or develop extensions.

Some useful links and questions:

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - English
  • FAQ:DE: Frequently Asked Questions - Deutsch
  • If you have any troubles, take a look at our KnownBugs.
  • Howto: SVN Update to the latest i-doit Revision


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